Outdoor Living & Hardscapes

Outdoor Living & Hardscapes

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Hardscapes can add beautiful dimension, style and convenience to your property. However, installing them is a job for the pros. Luckily, you can turn to Greenscape Innovations LLC for all of your hardscape installation services. We work with all types of materials Pavers, Concrete, Flagstone, and travertine. Just talk to one of our experts about the design you have in mind, and we'll get to work.

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11 examples of beautiful hardscapes

There are so many ways to add style to your property using hardscapes. Greenscape Offers Professional Installations Of:

  1. Outdoor kitchen
  2. Fire pit area
  3. Driveway Extensions (Pavers/concrete)
  4. Trash can pad
  5. Fencing Installs & Replacements (Cedar, Pine, Wrought Iron)
  6. Pergola
  7. Retaining wall
  8. Flower Bed & Tree Borders
  9. Patios, Walkways, and stepping stones
  10. Drainage Solutions (French Drains, Systems, Swales, Dry well)

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